unexpected stories

The World's Most Perfect Dress

Last week my friend Melissa shared something with me on Facebook.  A dress. The world’s most perfect dress.  I ordered it, because Alex and I had just had this conversation: Melanie: I have this meeting thingy and I have a speaking thingy and I have nothing to wear besides tank tops and ripped jeans. Alex: You know what I think? For your birthday month, you need to buy some new  (…) READ MORE

Coffee+Crumbs: Moms Don't Get Sick Days

Have you ever been sick as a mom?  You feel like you’re going to die and exactly zero people care.  You stuff your pockets with tissues and keep shuffling your feet because THE SHOW MUST GO ON and this mac and cheese isn’t going to boil itself. Today I’m over at Coffee+Crumbs writing about being sick as a mom.  There’s sick, and then there’s mom sick, and they are very, very  (…) READ MORE

Creepiest Internet Mom Dating Story Ever?

If you’ve read Women Are Scary, do you remember my friend Lindsey who wrote the top ten list for dating moms who work outside of the home?  She’s from Oklahoma and I live near Atlanta and back in 2010, we dragged our families to Memphis to hang out at a hotel on Beale Street for a weekend just because.  Oh and we’d never met in person, so this is either  (…) READ MORE

MomsEveryday and That Time I Was in a TV Show

This summer, I was writing my fingers off trying to get my next book done on time when my PR team contacted me about flying out to Colorado Springs, spending the weekend with a bunch of moms, and taping a bunch of TV shows. That sounded like so much crazy fun but I waited like 30 seconds before emailing back, you know, cuz I wanted to be cool about it.  (…) READ MORE

We All Have Those Things, So Let Your Freak Flag Fly

We have Those Things that we work on at home.  You see all the potential and all the pitfalls in your kids.  You know hands down that they’re the most amazing children on the planet and you also worry about Those Things, the things that could make school hard or the things that could make other kids laugh at them or the things that could get them sent to the  (…) READ MORE

Words Are Powerful

This morning while my kids crunched cereal and worked on getting their eyelids open enough to get on the bus, I read a blessing over them from this little book that I keep in the kitchen.  I’ve started doing this every morning, reading words of encouragement that call out truths in their lives.  In any given moment, I’m a fairly snarky mommy, and my kids are becoming just like me, so these  (…) READ MORE

Why We Have to Talk About Our Periods

A couple weeks ago I had the sex talk with Ana.  I told her, “You’re about to start fifth grade, and you probably have heard some things here and there, but I’m going to lay it all out for you.  Because I want you to hear it from me.  This is the beginning of a lifelong conversation between the two of us, as mother and daughter, and I want you  (…) READ MORE