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The Sitting Suit: Also a Thing

She heard urgent feet running toward her, and pushing herself up, she made her way across the field into the nearby woods.  Why did she try to see them again?  She should’ve known they’d blow her up.  Especially after last time.* I’ve had several people ask about my Sitting Shirt and how it’s fairing this summer.  Honestly, it’s a little toasty in these parts for the Sitting Shirt right now (see  (…) READ MORE

Fun Mom Can Eat It

Suddenly, the car burst into flames and she crawled away, fire licking her shoes.  She rolled into the ditch, splashing gratefully into the water and looked back.  There goes her favorite pantsuit, she thought ruefully.* Well, my next book, It’s Not Fair: Learning to Love the Life You Didn’t Choose, is off to my editor after a month of nonstop writing.  I’m feeling drained and last week someone called my  (…) READ MORE

The Family Road Trip: A Rite of Passage

The family road trip.  A rite of passage for all kids and parents for as long as we’ve had roads. Road trips bring us together for mass quantities of family time as we marinate in our combined aromas.  Before getting in our van for a recent trip to Kentucky to see the fam, I made my kids wash their feet because the thought of being cooped up for eight hours  (…) READ MORE

10 Unexpected Things I've Discovered About Marriage

Alex and I are celebrating 15 years of marriage today.  We were tiny baby people when we started out and we’ve sort of mostly grown into real whole adults.  Adults who still regularly go to superhero movies and drink slushies until we’re sick. I’ve blogged about the 10 things I’ve learned about marriage, and a couple of years ago I wrote down 13 things I love about my husband, so this  (…) READ MORE

In Defense of the Smart Phone

Not a day goes by that I don’t see an article online about how smart phones are destroying our children, ruining civilization as we know it, and causing rampant toenail fungus and the spread of rotavirus throughout major metropolitan areas.  It’s dire, you guys.  Smart phones will destroy us. I know.  I read all the articles.  From my smart phone.  And I hear all the reasons and the research and we limit  (…) READ MORE

When Mother's Day Is the Worst Day of the Year

I am a mom.  I love moms (even the scary ones) and I love celebrating the crap out of ourselves come Mother’s Day.  But every year around this holiday, the old panic creeps up my legs into my sucky little ovaries and I look around wild-eyed at the waiting women, the hurting ones, my infertile sisters jacked up on hormone drugs praying fervent words of longing to a God they  (…) READ MORE

The Stuff About My Kids I Can't Tell You

Last week I met with a friend and picked her brain for ideas about one of my kids.  This morning I met with another friend whose kids are a little older and talked parenting strategies and how I can tweak up our routines.  I had a friend text me for advice about some doctors for some stuff about kids.  See how vague I’m being online? Lately I’ve noticed that the  (…) READ MORE