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Mobilizing Moms at CAFO Summit 2015

Are you attending the Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) Summit this year?  If so, I’m leading a workshop and I’d love to see you there!  (My workshop is scheduled right before the dinner break, so I’m contemplating passing out Red Bull shots and possibly beginning with some light calisthenics.  I will definitely need to employ lots of jazz hands and maybe even a buffalo step and if all else fails,  (…) READ MORE

Oscar Superlatives, Stress Paralysis, and a Jewelry Giveaway

This is me freaking out when my book unexpectedly showed up in my mailbox.  I cannot be cool about this.  (I feel like maybe this should be on my tombstone: “She could not be cool about this.”)  I set it down like it was on fire and I still haven’t opened up, though I’ve given it several rounds of side eyes.  Also of importance, this morning I put the clothes  (…) READ MORE

Coffee & Crumbs: World's Worst Mother-in-Law Ever

On Coffee+Crumbs today I’m talking about the world’s worst mother-in-law ever.  Before this post went live, I texted my very wonderful mother-in-law to let her know this wasn’t about her, so she wouldn’t freak out when she saw the title.  And then my editor, Ashlee, and I had this conversation about what the picture should be.  I think I’m totally reasonable here: As always, Ashlee made a perfectly beautiful photo, though  (…) READ MORE

The Sitting Shirt: It's a Thing

I’ve been raving about my new sitting shirt for weeks now on Facebook and feel like I need to let the rest of the world know about this revolutionary piece of clothing. I was wandering around the clearance rack at Ross when I spied a fancy little thing with a cowl and a nice length that would cover even the visiblest of granny panty lines.  It beckoned me in.  As  (…) READ MORE

Coffee+Crumbs: If Any of You Mention Oils, I Will Punch You in the Face

I’m over at Coffee+Crumbs today talking about what could be considered the prequel to last week’s Oils Can Save Us from the Zombie Apocalypse. Taking your child to the pediatrician’s office is the worst. When you walk through the door and turn toward the Sick Side of the waiting room you can almost feel the germs descend onto your scalp and lay eggs in your eyebrows. Your child is of course oblivious  (…) READ MORE

Oils Can Save Us from the Zombie Apocalypse

Remember the internet before people discovered essential oils?  Me neither.  I like to pretend that I’m immune to all these excited friends talking about how oils cured their abscessed bellybutton warts – with pictures – but I can only take so much before my natural cynicism crumbles for the promise of a flu-less existence.  Oils can save us from paper cuts, bad trips to the hair stylist, excessive armpit hair, and  (…) READ MORE

Some of My Best Friends Are: Thoughts on Race and Community

I’m so excited to introduce you to Laila, a blogger at FrontRowMama.com. She and I have enjoyed many a late-night Twitter conversation and I’ve benefitted from all she has to say and I know you guys will, too. Her son, whom she calls “BB” for “baby boy,” is 8 years old, and they live in the Chicago area. As you know, we care a whole lot about cultivating healthy friendships around  (…) READ MORE