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The Five Stages of Grief at Bedtime: Sleepover Edition

On Saturday, we threw our daughter Ana a sleepover party for her tenth birthday.  When she first asked me about it, I thought we’d have four or five girls, and I agreed immediately, because I figured it would be cheaper and less PTSD-causing than Chuck E. Cheese, her second choice. When every single girl RSVPed yes, I knew this would be a little more than we’d planned, and I ordered  (…) READ MORE

When You've Been Burned by a Friend

Remember how I was in a car wreck back in July?  I was already joking about it by the time I made it to the hospital, because it’s my way, but truthfully, it was pretty traumatizing.  For about a week after, every time something sudden happened, I started screaming.  If my child came in too quickly for a hug.  If a car turned into the lane next to me.  If  (…) READ MORE

Does Infertility Make You Less of a Woman?

“I’m getting snipped, so now I’ll be less of a man.” I’ve heard this sentiment a lot, maybe because I’ve hit the vasectomy age, when everyone has all the kids their minivans will hold and husbands start popping their nuts under the knife. I understand the joke, but as an infertile girl, lemme just speak to my people.  Your ability to reproduce doesn’t make you more or less of a  (…) READ MORE

Five Minute Friday - Whisper

We are a bunch of yelling, slamming, stomping loudypants people over at my house.  We work things out at full throttle.  We laugh, cry, and do homework on high volume. Getting my crew down to bed is playing life-sized whack-a-mole, with one of them popping up to issue a new request every thirty seconds.  Tonight, my husband and I finally bellowed in unison, “Get in bed and go to sleep!”  (…) READ MORE

Just Say No to Signups

Today I threw away fliers.  I crumpled them up and recycled the heck out of them. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but I am a Joiner.  I join things.  At all my kids’ open houses, I went in thinking, “Stay strong, Melanie,” and then proceeded to stroll around the gym writing down my email for anyone with a sign up sheet.  Art class?  Sure, I  (…) READ MORE

How to Survive Football Season, With Help From Loki of Asgard

I live in a football-free house, so today as my Twitter feed blew up with football-related tweets, I realized the rest of the U.S. was being sucked into its annual Football Vortex.  I never gave football much thought, until moving to the South and realizing that football sits on the lap of Jesus at the right hand of God. If you’re like me and love people who love football, but  (…) READ MORE

See THE SONG: It's Not Just a Love Story

I’m excited to be part of THE SONG Blog Tour. To learn more and join us, CLICK HERE. When it comes to movies, if it isn’t making me laugh or featuring an alien or a car chase, or a funny alien in a car chase, I’m kind of lost.  When I was asked to prescreen a movie called The Song, I had no idea what I was getting into. Spoiler  (…) READ MORE