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Fair Trade Shopping for Summer

Whether you’re still getting snowed on or starting to experience a little spring in your step, you may be thinking about spring and summer clothes.  If you need a piece or two to jump-start your wardrobe, here are some of my favorites that provide something pretty for me to wear and fair wages for women around the world.  (I pulled my favorite summer options from my Slave-Free Christmas campaign, so  (…) READ MORE

Mommy Pooped Her Brains Out

This pic is from Fletch, one of the greatest comedies of our time.  It led me to my husband, because after watching Fletch, we DTRed (define the relationship) and decided to date.  Fletch is our genesis, and our marriage is pretty much based on Fletch quotes.  And Jesus. Yesterday, I had the deep, dark privilege of experiencing my first colonoscopy. For all of you who are thinking, “Melanie, aren’t you  (…) READ MORE

How Does Your Church Smell?

photo by James Bradley, https://flic.kr/p/7EycGS How does your church smell?  Worship is a sensory experience and we all get there in different ways.  Yesterday with my eyes squeezed shut as I sang my heart out to Jesus through my phlegm-coated, pollenized throat, I had an aha moment about the importance of smell. Growing up in Northeastern Ohio, I remember visiting beautiful Catholic churches with swinging censers filled with incense.  The  (…) READ MORE

Wanna Meet My New Daughter?

This little-big girl burst into our lives last summer and we fell in love.  Hard.  Her laughter fills our rooms and we are honored to get to introduce her to you as our daughter, our oldest and newest child. I mean…that smile…that chin dimple…her sweetheart face.  She likes all things sporty and artsy, her favorite colors are blue and pink and neon yellow, and she loves dogs and cats.  She  (…) READ MORE

Killing Shame

#NoShame I write this a lot at the end of tweets. I just downed an entire box of Rainbow Nerds. #NoShame My kids are still in their jammies from yesterday. #NoShame I can’t remember the last time my daughter had a shower. #NoShame My van smells like dirty feet and eternal flatulence. #NoShame I joke a lot about not having shame, but on a serious note, I’m just now starting  (…) READ MORE

Pollen and a Peep Recipe - Yellow Things We Love and Hate

I wrote this on the back of our van…forgetting that two of my kids can read now. A– stood behind the car sounding it out with her adorable Russian accent.  ”Mommy, waht eez thaht?  Pah-luhn sooks?  Pah-luhn sooks?  Waht eez sooks?” I’m accepting nominations for Mom of the Year. Face palm.  But seriously.  It really does suck.  I know I’ve already blogged All the Feelings about spring and allergies, but  (…) READ MORE

Eat-It Power

Superheroes are big in our house.  Elliott is obsessed with midichlorian-infused, lightsaber-wielding Jedi and the girls wake up every morning ready to battle to the death for who gets to be Elsa for the day and do the best power ballad of “Let It Go.”  They scream at each other to hold the notes the right length and nail the hand motions.  If they focus their mind beams hard enough,  (…) READ MORE