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Dance Club for Moms

Yesterday as I was driving, I had the most glorious fantasy that I just have to share with you. You know when your mind wanders and takes you out of your smelly van and into a land far, far away? I was far, far away, until “Cherry Bomb” came on the CD and ripped my thoughts back to reality, and I started wondering what that song means. Because it’s my son’s  (…) READ MORE

When Your Life Is a Training Montage from Ant-Man

I love superhero movies, with their origin stories and training montages, and this year I’ve enjoyed introducing my kids to the Marvel cinematic universe through Ant-Man. If you’re horrified that I let my six-year-old watch Ant-Man, I receive that. When your oldest is 11, these things happen, especially if you’re me and need the fairy wings cartoons and tween laugh tracks to go away. The first time I saw Ant-Man,  (…) READ MORE

When Parenting Is Different Than You Thought It Would Be

Yesterday I had a big appointment with someone about my child. I’d been antsy with anticipation and dreading it all in one breath and then it was upon me and I sat for three hours and listened to data. The words swirled around the room and at about two-and-a-half hours my right-sided brain contemplated standing up and walking out just to get some air from all the words. Just to  (…) READ MORE

Top Buns, Man Buns, and Hot Buns

There are some things we need to talk about of a serious nature. Just some things we need to discuss that are pressing on my heart right now. Three things, actually, and they all have one common theme. Buns. They are all bun-related subjects. Top Buns, Man Buns, and Hot Buns. After much prayer and thoughtfulness, I feel led to speak into these topics in what I can only assume  (…) READ MORE

10 Things to Talk About Besides Your Kids

So you’re working your way around the bases with another mom, or maybe you’re fourth-basers but things are starting to seem yawn-worthy or you leave mom dates feeling just as stressed as when you sat down. Sometimes as moms we can get sick of talking about our kids.  I’ve had some big things happening in the child-raising department for the last few months and I need to process it all and  (…) READ MORE

So I'm Sticking With Maimed Baked Goods

Last month in a last-ditch effort to keep my kids from destroying each other, I pulled out gingerbread men to decorate.  I say “pulled out,” because there was zero baking involved in this process.  These guys were an impulse-buy at the entrance of Kroger one morning and I stuck them in the pantry for the inevitable day when my kids would need a diversion before they went all Lord of the Flies  (…) READ MORE

Zombies and Butt Rash and Coffee and Crumbs

I’m over at Coffee+Crumbs sharing more about the glamorous mom life. (Apparently, I need to be more positive and uplifting in the way I write about motherhood, so in an effort to uplift you while reading about the glamorous mom life, I’m providing this empowering gif, which I call LeiaFey.  Please feel free to chant this warrior cry with her the next time you encounter your children.  I find it  (…) READ MORE