unexpected stories

My Dog Saved My Life

(I wrote this the day before my dog died.) My dog is dying.  I won’t try to put that up there with the pain that some of you have faced losing people, losing children and parents and siblings.  It’s not. But let me tell you about my dog and why I’m devastated. Back in 2005, when I’d been battling infertility for three years and had no idea I still had  (…) READ MORE

I Was in a Car Accident and My Dog Died

Sheesh, that’s a depressing title. Yesterday after crying all afternoon with my dog in the final stages of kidney failure, I got in the car to take a meal to a friend who just had a baby and got hit by an SUV.  Have you ever been in a wreck?  The whole thing happens in slow motion.  I pushed on the horn and then there were airbags slamming around me  (…) READ MORE

Book Editing: A Day in the Life

The edits on my book are due this Friday and I thought I’d take a second to give you a peek into my book editing process.  You may find the following schedule concerning, but don’t worry.  I am a professional.  I am two percent sure that I know what I’m doing. 7:30 – Wrangle 9-year-old to camp at the crackypants of dawn.  Understand why morning people feel morally superior to  (…) READ MORE

Blooming Nerds Rope - Five Minute Friday

I don’t really like flowers. I think I should like flowers, because that’s what girls are supposed to do, but I can’t seem to care about them the way I should.  My husband, sweet man who never needs me to be something I’m not and loves me for who I am in all my lack of gender stereotypes, saw me wilting last week, up to my one-whiskered chin in book  (…) READ MORE

How I Survived Infertility Without Losing My Faith

For two years, I struggled to conceive naturally.  I counted days, took vitamins, and even stood on my head after sex.  For two years after that, I became a human lab rat.  Blood tests, injections, procedures.  And prayers, fasting, and reading every scripture about barrenness.  Everyone had such helpful advice as I died a slow death month after month.  ”Just relax,” they said.  ”Just adopt,” they said. After five years  (…) READ MORE

I Felt Complete

They chortled around the dinner table tonight. Sometimes the only way to describe the bubbling laughter of my children is that made-up word from Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky” poem.  The lithe dancers in my husband’s aquamarine eyes twinkled and twirled as he spun stories of ten-year-old hijinks clad in camouflage and courage.  His voice grew more animated recounting the night he and his comrades-in-arms taunted a group of teenage boys and lived  (…) READ MORE

When You Experience a Shift in Roles - From "Staying" to "Working" and Everything in Between

Have you ever caught yourself offering someone else advice about a situation and realized mid-sentence that you need to listen to your own wisdom?  You’re trucking along, sharing what you’ve learned, only to discover you need to start taking notes during your own sermon. I was talking with a friend last week about changing roles.  She got married a few months ago and is learning how to take on this  (…) READ MORE