unexpected stories

The Stuff About My Kids I Can't Tell You

Last week I met with a friend and picked her brain for ideas about one of my kids.  This morning I met with another friend whose kids are a little older and talked parenting strategies and how I can tweak up our routines.  I had a friend text me for advice about some doctors for some stuff about kids.  See how vague I’m being online? Lately I’ve noticed that the  (…) READ MORE

The Unbreakable Evie Dale

I’m not sure what all the cool kids are calling it these days, but you know that thing when one of your kids is extra strong-willed and wants to fight you on every little thing?  Like they wake up in the morning ready to take you down and you’re pretty sure they’re going to eat you for breakfast and have their way with you?  You catch yourself practicing scenarios in  (…) READ MORE

Anthem for the People-Pleasing Freakazoids

This morning I woke up with a line from Office Space repeating in my head. “Corporate-accounts-payable-Nina-speaking…JUST a mo-MENT!” I am Nina.  I do my darndest to stay perky and follow all the rules. But this week, I am de-perked and ready to flip a little tweety bird at life. How about you?  Are you de-perkied, too?  Are you sick of trying to please everybody in your life? I’m exhausted and realized I’ve  (…) READ MORE

What It's Like to Publish a Book

People keep asking me questions about having a book published, so in an effort to be helpful, I thought I’d just jot down here what it’s like to publish a book.  And I made you illustrations. Imagine stripping down naked in front of the whole entire world.  You get your clothes off, then you just stand there with your bits and pieces hanging out for everyone to see. Half the  (…) READ MORE

Do You Want to Be in My Next Book?

I’m working on my second book right now.  (Yes, I realize my first one just released.  Apparently, I am a total masochist.)  A bunch of people have asked if it’s a follow up to Women Are Scary: The Totally Awkward Adventure of Finding Mom Friends. Ssssort of.  In Women Are Scary, I write about relationships with women and spend a little time talking about how to deal with the hard stuff, how  (…) READ MORE

My New Favorite Cups May Solve Your Family Dinner Woes

You guys, parenting is hard and I’m not super nailing it in the Intentional Moments of Togetherness department with my kids, but one thing I do try to do is shove us all around the dinner table as often as possible.  We try to make our kids talk about their days and go fifteen minutes without farting on each other.  The struggle is real. Enter my friend Courtney’s magic cups.  (…) READ MORE

Judgey Eyeballs and We're Better Together

Today my book baby is born.  Scheduled c-section.  Midnight, when my book automatically downloaded into all the Kindles. Last night, the last thing I read was an encouraging email from my friend Jeannie Cunnion saying, “I am proud of you.”  It’s exactly what I needed to read, and Jeannie knew it, because around this time last year, her first book went out into the world. Shortly after starting this journey of  (…) READ MORE