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Pranking Your Friends

We’ve started this little group in our neighborhood, trying to be more intentional about doing life with our neighbors.  So far, we’ve hung out at our house, gotten to know each other a bit, and served at our local food bank with all our kids.  One of the couples asked us to watch their dogs while they were gone for a couple of days, and isn’t that such a great  (…) READ MORE

Coffee+Crumbs: When They Took My Baby Away

I’m back over at Coffee+Crumbs sharing those first feelings after I had Elliott.  I had preeclampsia, and he had inter-uterine growth restriction (IUGR).  I had a partially-abrupted placenta, and my blood pressure was through the roof.  To save both our lives, they had to take him out at 34 weeks, and then my bloodwork continued to do wonky things.  I tried to capture some of my early thoughts and feelings  (…) READ MORE

Our Newest Member of the Family

Remember back in July when I was in a car accident and my dog died?  I mean, separately, but within hours of each other. My beloved minivan and the friend who saved my life both went to the great beyond in the same sucky 24-hour period. Well, this week, God made all things new.  While I can never replace the good times or special stinky smells of my red van  (…) READ MORE

We're Ruining Our Kids for Life

This morning I finally broke the bus stop/jammie barrier.  For weeks now, I’ve managed to pull on jeans, shorts, or at the bare minimum, my butter-stained yoga pants, but today, today I went in patterned jammie pants flowing in the early morning breeze.  It’s only October, and I’ve already landed in this dismal lack of caring. I wore my glasses, the ones I always switch out for contacts before going  (…) READ MORE

Missions and Boobs: A Group Project Inspired by the Internet

What led you to this blog?  Did you click on a link from Facebook or google something that offered you one of my posts?  As the author of this blog, I’m always interested in what leads people my way, and there are two major themes, two vastly different topics that lead the average Google searcher my way.  Missions and boobs. What. What on earth do missions and boobs have in  (…) READ MORE

The Posture of Prayer

This week at If: Catalyst Lab, I was talking with a friend about something and I thought, hmm, I’d like to expand this conversation and hear what you guys have to say.  We were talking about prayer and getting with God, and I struggle with that sometimes, and I wonder if anyone can relate? For years now, in a lot of different ways, I’ve been telling God that I can  (…) READ MORE

Coffee+Crumbs: Tutus and Cowboy Boots

Hi guys!  I’m back over at Coffee+Crumbs today talking about how my kids wrecked my perfectionism and exposed my control freakiness.  Can anyone relate? Have you stopped by Coffee+Crumbs yet?  It’s a new site for moms and the writing is stellar.  I mean, I’m just trying to keep up.  These girls can share and get vulnerable and talk about the joys and challenges of young motherhood.  I’m having a blast  (…) READ MORE