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The Entire Silly Short Story

Okay, we made it through For the Love of Blog month.  I have had a blast writing about whatever I want and rediscovering my love of blogging.  Thanks for sticking with me.  I’m laying low next week to enjoy the final week of summer break (I can’t even.  All the hashtags.) and then coming back with a Back to School Survival Kit contest that you’ll definitely want to get in on.  (…) READ MORE

"Mommy Blogger"

Today is the penultimate day of my short story about Mags the Shin Guard Bludgeoner.  Tomorrow the story ends, and I’ll publish the whole thing from start to finish.  Or, feel free to click through every single post from the last month, in order, if you’re trapped under something heavy, can’t go anywhere, but still have access to the internet. She’d led them on a hunt around the state only  (…) READ MORE

"Please Discuss at Home"

Three more days of this ridiculous fiction excursion.  (Fiction excursion, fiction excursion.  That’s right up there with “unique New York.”)  The story of misguided Mags is nearing the end, thankfully.  Just remember, this is all Alex’s fault because he had to know what happened.  Digging this far into my brain is never advisable.  Okay, here’s today’s snippet of the story: But trying to blow up her car…she did not see  (…) READ MORE

I No Longer Serve as a Floatation Device

Poor JPEG.  What is he saying in this picture?  “Help me, Mom, I’m wearing hair extensions.” Well, we have four days left on our story, which Alex has declared, “Delightfully awful.”  Let’s grab our daily dose of Mags: She didn’t know how, but these three refs were onto her and were gathering the evidence they needed to destroy her.  “They were about to blow the whistle on her crime spree,  (…) READ MORE

An Open Letter to My Washing Machine

Okay, this is the week I wrap up my random summer romp through a lil’ short story about a girl named Mags-short-for-Magdalene.  At this point I should probably warn you that in the last month, I read Girl on the Train and binge-watched the first three seasons of Dexter, so, um, it’s about to get weird up in here. She’d always been so careful not to get caught.  She covered her tracks, moving  (…) READ MORE

My Personal Momlationship Hell Scenario

First, our daily dose of fiction: Peering into the window of the cozy suburban house, she saw what she was looking for.  There they were, the three of them, out to get her for all her crimes.  The only ones in the world who knew who she truly was.  How they’d figured it out was a mystery to her.   ***ooooh…so much suspensefulness…how will the story end?!?*** You know I  (…) READ MORE

I Broke Out My Elvis Lip

Whew, today’s post is just barely today at this point because I’ve been off galavanting around with super fun people.  Do you ever get insanely jealous when you see fun photos your friends put on Facebook and you immediately experience FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) on an epic scale?  I have these fun friends who live an hour and a half away who do this thing called IF: Table where  (…) READ MORE