unexpected stories

We All Have Those Things, So Let Your Freak Flag Fly

We have Those Things that we work on at home.  You see all the potential and all the pitfalls in your kids.  You know hands down that they’re the most amazing children on the planet and you also worry about Those Things, the things that could make school hard or the things that could make other kids laugh at them or the things that could get them sent to the  (…) READ MORE

Words Are Powerful

This morning while my kids crunched cereal and worked on getting their eyelids open enough to get on the bus, I read a blessing over them from this little book that I keep in the kitchen.  I’ve started doing this every morning, reading words of encouragement that call out truths in their lives.  In any given moment, I’m a fairly snarky mommy, and my kids are becoming just like me, so these  (…) READ MORE

Why We Have to Talk About Our Periods

A couple weeks ago I had the sex talk with Ana.  I told her, “You’re about to start fifth grade, and you probably have heard some things here and there, but I’m going to lay it all out for you.  Because I want you to hear it from me.  This is the beginning of a lifelong conversation between the two of us, as mother and daughter, and I want you  (…) READ MORE

Coping with Back to School Giveaway

As our kids go back to school and we buy them all the shiny new school supplies, I can’t help but feel like us moms need something shiny and new, too. That’s why I’m so excited about my Coping with Back to School Box, filled with the following: new makeup bag to hold the five pounds of concealer we’ll need to cover up the eye baggies from 6am wake ups  (…) READ MORE

The Entire Silly Short Story

Okay, we made it through For the Love of Blog month.  I have had a blast writing about whatever I want and rediscovering my love of blogging.  Thanks for sticking with me.  I’m laying low next week to enjoy the final week of summer break (I can’t even.  All the hashtags.) and then coming back with a Back to School Survival Kit contest that you’ll definitely want to get in on.  (…) READ MORE

"Mommy Blogger"

Today is the penultimate day of my short story about Mags the Shin Guard Bludgeoner.  Tomorrow the story ends, and I’ll publish the whole thing from start to finish.  Or, feel free to click through every single post from the last month, in order, if you’re trapped under something heavy, can’t go anywhere, but still have access to the internet. She’d led them on a hunt around the state only  (…) READ MORE

"Please Discuss at Home"

Three more days of this ridiculous fiction excursion.  (Fiction excursion, fiction excursion.  That’s right up there with “unique New York.”)  The story of misguided Mags is nearing the end, thankfully.  Just remember, this is all Alex’s fault because he had to know what happened.  Digging this far into my brain is never advisable.  Okay, here’s today’s snippet of the story: But trying to blow up her car…she did not see  (…) READ MORE