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Judgey Eyeballs and We're Better Together

Today my book baby is born.  Scheduled c-section.  Midnight, when my book automatically downloaded into all the Kindles. Last night, the last thing I read was an encouraging email from my friend Jeannie Cunnion saying, “I am proud of you.”  It’s exactly what I needed to read, and Jeannie knew it, because around this time last year, her first book went out into the world. Shortly after starting this journey of  (…) READ MORE

Fun Interview about Women Are Scary with Courtney DeFeo

This is where I am with my brain.  “Fun Interview” is all I could come up with for titles this morning. But seriously, I had so much fun doing this interview with Courtney, who is my new fourth-base friend who I’ve never met.  In the book I mention base-jumping when you meet someone you just click with and Court is one such person.  We text back and forth like we’ve known  (…) READ MORE

On Ann Voskamp's Blog: When Women Seem Scary

For years now, I’ve found solace and encouragement and the grace to step into each day on Ann Voskamp’s blog.  She reminds me to give thanks.  And never did I cling to her words more than when we got stuck in the process of Evie’s adoption and waited with bated breath to see if and when we would be united.  I read her words and I searched for faith and  (…) READ MORE

Tacos in Zombietown Book Launch Party

Last night was one of those nights you remember forever.  I had all my closest friends in one place eating tacos and cake pops together at my favorite restaurant as I brought my book baby out into the world. I live near the land of The Walking Dead, and nestled smack in the middle of the action is my favorite restaurant, Southern Ground Social Club, which Alex and I hit up  (…) READ MORE

Strapping On Your Mom Balls

I talk about my balls a lot.  Mom balls. I blame Saturday Night Live and Delicious Dish’s “Schweddy Balls” for my predilection for ball jokes.  So sometimes I eat them: “I realize my balls are misshapen, but I promise they taste the same.   I’m incredibly proud of my balls.” And sometimes I give them to people: “I’m bringing my balls as a hostess gift.” And then I also talk  (…) READ MORE

Overdramatic Family

You know all the Saturday Night Live families?  There’s “Sarcastic Clapping Family of Southampton,” “Dysfunctional Family Dinner” with Sarah Michelle Geller, the family who hires Matt Foley for some motivational speaking, and “Kissing Family”: Wow, your parents are really– Affectionate, yeah, I know. If we were an SNL family, we’d definitely be “Overdramatic Family.”  We are big and loud and display All the Emotions and nothing is ever, ever subtle.  Can you  (…) READ MORE

10 Reasons You Need to Get WOMEN ARE SCARY Now

Well, it’s March, and I can officially say my book comes out THIS MONTH.  (pause for complete mental breakdown and urgent trip to the bathroom) I keep running into people who aren’t sure how to get my book.  This is totally my fault.  I’m really bad at talking about this and do this weird bashful toe-digging-in-the-ground mumbly thing.  The conversation goes something like this: Person: You wrote a book? Me:  (…) READ MORE