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The End of an Era

"The end of an era." I'm contemplating a couple of endings this week.  How do you feel when things end? I guess it depends on what's ending. Relief, excitement, devastatio[...]

Disorderly Conduct, Part Five

Do I Love Women? Partly because of my history with an eating disorder and the yucky comparisons and lack of self-confidence that glob into my thoughts, and partly because I'm just[...]

Disorderly Conduct, Part Four

Are We Worshipping Ourselves? My five-year-old son has recently learned about "fake gods."  The other day, he started talking in the car about how the fake gods are bad and the re[...]

Disorderly Conduct, Part Three

Little Rays of Light For the rest of my college career, I lived enslaved to the 1200 calorie, 20 fat grams rule.  I would go running, lift weights, do crunches and floor exercises[...]

I am a rock puddle.

I am so honored and humbled to share this post with you, submitted by a dear reader and friend.  I'm so grateful to hear her voice, and to add it to the discussion.  Ronni, I am pr[...]

Disorderly Conduct, Part Two

My Story Like many of you, my problem started in high school.  Some people are stress-eaters.  Life gets hard, they grab the bag of Doritos.  I am a stress non-eater.  I don't eve[...]

Disorderly Conduct, Part One

Can you feel how nervous I am through this computer? Aw nuts.  I have felt a nudge to write about something for a few months now.  The nudge has gotten harder.  I've continued to [...]