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Lighten Up #112: Leslie Verner

Today I’m kicking off a new series, Lighten Up about Hospitality, with a conversation with Leslie Verner, the author of …

Lighten Up #111: Melanie Shankle

Today we're wrapping up our Friendship Over 40 series with New York Times bestselling author Melanie Shankle! Ahh, you guys, she's so funny. I laughed my way through this whole thing.

Lighten Up #110: Callie Feyen

Today for our friendship over 40 series I’m talking with my friend Callie Feyen, author of The Teacher Diaries: Romeo & …

Lighten Up #109: Kathy Khang

We’re continuing our series on friendship over 40, and today I’m talking with author, speaker, and yoga teacher Kathy Khang. …

Lighten Up #108: Jamie C. Martin

We are in our series Lighten Up about Friendship Over 40 and today I’m talking with one of my longest-running …

Latest Essays


Coffee+Crumbs: Work Hard, Play Hard

“Don’t touch my LEGOs!” I want to tell you my kid yelled that, but it was me. I’m the stingy …
Blog, General

Coffee+Crumbs: The Accidental Jogger

I went for a light jog and accidentally ended up in a 15K race, which I discovered when a group …
Blog, General

Coffee+Crumbs: Labored Breathing

Ooo-ooo-EEE, ooo-ooo-EEE. In a nondescript office building adjacent to the hospital, I remember learning Lamaze breathing in my prenatal class. …
Blog, Parenting

Coffee+Crumbs: Baby Driver

The first time I drove a car by myself, fresh new license tucked in my wallet and 16-year-old hands carefully …
Blog, General

Coffee+Crumbs: Old Faithful

When I was a kid, my Aunt Caryl sent me a pink nightgown with “Victoria’s Secret” stitched across the front …