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Finally Blogging

I haven’t had the chance to blog over the last several days because of bad connections or because my wife was using the computer. She did finally give me an opportunity to pen my thoughts. I’ve posted the last several days of blog posts from our trip. The actual dates are in the headlines. Before I share my thoughts from the last several days, I’ve posted a few quotes from Joseph, who is HopeChest’s in-country staff leader. These are just funny things that he has said during our trip so far:

“We are taking the longer road, which is longer than the shorter road.” (Reference to how we are getting to Adecar)

“I thought that I had eaten breakfast, but then I remembered that I was hungry, so I must not have eaten breakfast. I went back and got something to eat.” (Reference to why Joseph was late taking the team to Nabukalu)

“I do not know how far it is, but it is not very far.” (Reference to proximity to Adecar)

“I am a friend of the peanut butter.” (Reference to peanut butter bar given to Joseph for a snack)

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