Orphan Care, Uganda

Orange Makes Everything Brighter (May 10, 2010)

6:00 am rolls around — not soon enough. I think I slept in a coffin last night. There goes my vampire fantasy. Six of us are headed to Kayango early to start painting the new latrines. I’m looking forward to a change of pace. I struggle to get ready in my dark room — the hotel generators haven’t been turned on yet. I stumble into the dining hall. VanDamme’s Cyborg is playing on a small TV in the corner. I guess it’s B movies for breakfast.

Fast forward — we’re painting the latrines bright orange — my favorite color. Happy.

The children welcome us again with songs and dance, and we share beads and balls with them — we’ve figured out the system now so we are able to give out things evenly. The kids are mesmerized by my video camera as I take video of them and then play it back. It just feels good to sit with them as they each practice their English on me and then laugh at me when I attempt their language.

Time to go. It’s been too short. The kids run after our bus as we leave. Sadness.

We make the long haul to Soroti (Soroti House). Driving in Uganda is a little crazy — definitely stretches my faith in new ways. I think I might be able to shake hands with drivers in passing vehicles. A few hours into the trip, we have to turn back. The other car has broken down on the side of the road. After we all jump out of the bus to stare at the engine like we know what we’re doing, we decide to tow the car to a safer location and deal with it later. Car problems seem to be a running theme on this mission trip.

We crash at Soroti House. Amazing food! Seconds for me.

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