Orphan Care, Uganda

Overrun with Joy (May 9, 2010)

We are off to Nabukalu for church. We exit the bus to singing children — my heart continues to expand with joy. Martin Huggins shares a sermon on the power of joy during difficult times and Sarah Dale leads the kids in singing.

We spend most of the day playing with the kids — handing out handmade dresses and stringing together beaded necklaces. The kids are so eager to get their gifts that they overrun us, and we have to escape to the bus — phew. We definitely need to come up with a better game plan.

I break out some balls and 40 kids challenge me to a soccer game. I keep up with them fairly well until a sink hole wrenches my knee. I hobble of the field — humbled but no broken bones — thank you, Lord.

We say goodbye to the kids and head to the hotel in Bugiri. During my freezing shower, I am repeatedly shocked by the shower knobs. That can’t be good. I turn off the light and the electric shock sends me across the room — I’m getting out of this torture chamber. Melanie and I squeeze into our tiny bed and turn in shifts to tuck in the mosquito nets. I watch a gecko scurry across the ceiling — maybe he’ll catch that spider who has been eyeing my pillow. Time for sleep. Pitch black. The kind of black that makes you forget the light. I squeeze my pillow a little harder and listen as mosquitoes dive bomb the net. Bzzzzz. Bzzzzz. Bzzzz. I hope that the force field holds.

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