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I’m stepping into my wife’s blogging role to bring you news from Adacar, Uganda. She wanted me to give everyone an update, since it’s been difficult to get an Internet connection since they left Jinja.  She will most likely be unable to contribute more to the blog until she gets back to Soroti or Jinja next week at which time she will be able to lend a more compelling voice to the week’s activities.  Between breaks in the phone call, I’m sure I’ve missed some of the important details as well.

Need Your Prayers

Melanie asked that we prayer for two people from Adacar. Please pray for Agnes. She is one of the wonderful disciplers hired by HopeChest to help in Adacar, and she has a bad case of Malaria. She has been receiving medical treatments for the disease, but they haven’t been going very well, and she is getting sicker. Also, please pray for Lucy, who developed gangrene from a bad burn.  The team is trying to get her medical aid.

Praise God

The team ended up staying in a Catholic Mission for the week, which is in the Usuk subcounty — a much shorter distance from Adacar than the Katakwi District where they originally thought they would stay.  The Mission has been very hospitable — going so far as to install a western toilet and shower to accommodate the team.

The team has had a wonderful time visiting with everyone in Adacar.  They have received beautiful concerts and dramas from the community and have enjoyed playing games and praying and worshiping with the kids. Three members of the team will be helping to teach some of the classes at Adacar this week.

Contrary to the original plan, they were encouraged to hand out the sponsor packets, dresses and t-shirts to the community tomorrow rather than having them distributed once they left.  They will be distributing the mosquito nets they purchased on Friday. The building projects are developing steadily.  With the money we have raised for Adacar, HopeChest was able to work with the community to purchase enough land for a playing field, all of the building projects, and a farming area to begin developing crops.  They are taking a full tour of the property tomorrow and will be able to see the floor of the kitchen/meeting hall poured this week.

The team was also able to meet with the Chief of the Usuk subcounty.  He will be joining them in a community dinner this weekend.  He said that he knows that Adacar is loved because the team came to be with them for an entire week, and he is so thankful for the support from the churches and families in the United States.  The team also plans to visit Ngarium this weekend — a neighboring community where one of our sponsor kids lives (Bosco).

Melanie says to thank you for all of your prayers, as well as the wonderful packets and aid.  She will bring home lots of photos and videos to share.

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