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On Waiting


My long time friend Rachel gave me the privilege of guest blogging on her site, Every Day’s Best.  Topic: waiting.  Yup.  I have a few somethings to say about that!

When Rachel asked me to write about waiting, I said sure no problem waiting yes absolutely.  And I’ve been paralyzed…WAITING…not having a clue what to say!  The theme of my life is waiting.  Waiting is what I do best…and worst.  How do I fit it all in to one blog post?

My life has been a series of lessons on waiting.  Deep, painful lessons that leave me staggering into God’s lap like a toddler after a boo-boo in need of a hug.  I tried for four years to get pregnant.  49 monthly cycles, to be exact.  Ask me how much I love it when people give me a perk-up smile and say, “It’ll happen in God’s timing.”  Yes, yes, thank you.  Now please go away.  I think my favorite comment was when a guy with whom I worked asked me if we were “doin’ it right.”  Seriously?

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