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Well…it’s been almost four months since we returned from Adacar, Uganda, but we have finally finished the videos we took while we were there. Thank you to Southside Church and Sean Robinson for editing 180 video clips.

In February 2012, three of us (myself, Martin Huggins and Don Sullivan) visited Adacar, Uganda to view the progress at the CarePoint and continue to build our relationship with the community. I will cover some of our experiences in future blog posts (unlike my wife, I tend to blog biannually).

While in Adacar, we were able to take video of about 180 kids in the program to bring home to sponsors. Sadly, we were unable to take video of all of the kids because not all of them were at the CarePoint at the time and a storm cut our shooting short. (Let me quickly note that these are not professional videos. We did not have lapel mics or special lighting, so some of the videos may be dark or difficult to hear — especially with the storm.)

The videos are organized by your sponsor child’s reference number below. Thank you for your continued commitment to sponsoring kids in Adacar, Uganda.


Alex Dale

Adacar Sponsor Videos


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