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Upcycled Skirts from The Open Arms Shop


Skirts by The Open Arms Shop





I own three of these short skirts, and they’re the perfect length and super comfy.  They look great in the summer with flats or flops and in the winter with tights and boots.  They just came out with their new long skirts and I’m eyeing them pretty hard and trying not to buy a present for myself!  These skirts are wash and dry, and I will wear one all day to the park with the kids, then dress it up at night to head out with my hubby.

Why I Like This:

The Open Arms Shop is based in Austin, Texas, and employs refugees who have been relocated to the U.S.  They receive a fair wage and create gorgeous skirts made from recycled teeshirts!  They also make scarves.  Let me get this straight:  made in the U.S.A., by refugees earning a good wage, you’re upcycling old teeshirts at the same time, AND they look totally cute?  Yes please!

Slave-Free Christmas Challenge:

This Christmas, I’ve challenged myself to shop my entire Christmas list from organizations that are helping people, not hurting people.  Today, 27 million men, women, and children live as someone else’s property.  Slaves are making the items that I’m buying to celebrate the birth of my Lord and Savior.  Somehow I don’t think He’s blessed by the blood on His birthday presents.  For more information on my Slave-Free Christmas project, click here.

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