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Water Day!


Today I read I Walk For Water in my son’s class and talked with them about clean water.  Talking with five-year-olds about water is hilarious and refreshing…as refreshing as clean water.  My son is still excited and proud when I hang out with his friends, and he asked me to wear my hair in these awesome braids.  Before we left for school, I freaked him out by pretending to read using funny voices.  Apparently I’m cool enough to show up at his school, but not cool enough to risk funny voices.  I think my Kermit voice is the real deal…or possibly sounds more like that weird dude from Police Academy.

One of the teachers made this awesome collage:

Some of my favorite moments from the morning:

– When I asked them the biggest number they knew (ONE BILLION people lack clean water), one kid answered “Pi!” Yes, it’s Pi Day.  And you are totally fabulous for knowing that.  MY kid answered “infinity.”  Yep, he’s my favorite…but I’m completely biased.

– I showed them photos of our sponsored child in Adacar who is their age, and one of the drawings that he’s sent us.  They had lots of great questions, like how does George take a bath?  Where does George get the crayons?  I showed them photos of the borehole at Adacar, George’s house, his family, his chickens and goats, and the yellow and green plastic jugs that he fills with clean water from the borehole.

– We brainstormed ways that we can save water, looked at dirty puddle water in a water bottle, and learned how big a gallon is.

– I taught them how to say hello in Ateso, “Yoga!”

I utterly adore five-year-olds.  They might not always remember to turn the water off after they’ve washed their hands, but they agree that everyone should have access to clean water and not have to drink out of puddles.  At five, they might not be able to make that happen, but they’re learning how to share, and they’re growing up.  Someday they’ll take what they learned in preschool and change the world.

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  • Laura M

    Awesome post!! I’d love to be able to do something like this.





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