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If you’re like me, throughout the day, you’re scrolling and clicking and reading while you wait in a carpool line, wait at swimming lessons, wait in the line at Starbucks, or sit at your desk (Shh, I won’t tell.).  In all my phone-glued waiting, here are a few posts that made me think, resonated with me, or taught me something.


From Allume:

Choosing to Celebrate When It’s Not Your Turn, by Crystal Stine

I read the excitement all over my social media feeds. Another amazing new community celebrating their start with a wonderful group of talented women who would be pouring words of encouragement into an exciting new venture. Or maybe it was a new blog that had just started and suddenly had hundreds of followers. Or maybe it was a conference team, a popular blog post, an opportunity of a lifetime presented to someone.

Someone else.

As in … not me.  KEEP READING

From Jon Acuff:

How to Fail Like a Boss

Know what this is a picture of?

Someone removing chairs from my breakout at a conference.

Why are they removing them?

Because so few people came and another breakout was wildly more successful.

Epic fail.

So what did I do?  KEEP READING

From Storyline:

We Are Oklahoma: How Locals Are Uniting After the Tornado, by John Sowers

…Immediately, we learned Oklahomans are hospitable and generous. Humble. They fly below the radar. Actually, they don’t even know about the radar. The first time I met the former mayor, he helped me carry my twin babies to the car. Then he bought us lunch.

Oklahomans also have grit. Backbone. A stubborn commitment to love and make their State a better place.

So on Monday, when it was hit with a F5 monster tornado, it didn’t take long for Oklahomans to shine.  KEEP READING

From The Tiny Twig:

Analog Weekend: Enjoying Life the Old Fashioned Way

I’m not the kind of lady to shame anyone. I’ve read the Hands Free Mama’s “How to Miss a Childhood” post and then the “Dear Mom with the iPhone” post by Fried Okra. And really, I don’t know that what ills our society today is much more threatening than what afflicted our society 50 years ago. It’s just different.

My social media breaks don’t have as much to do with engaging with my kids (because I think I do an alright job in the tension of social media + “momming” as it is) as it does with quieting my own mind.  KEEP READING


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