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Meet Mirima


Our summer team just returned from Adacar CarePoint in northern Uganda, my very favorite place in all the world.  Before they left, I asked them to interview each of the fifty-ish children who still need sponsors, so we could share their stories.  My dear friend, Ansley, sat down with each child and filled two notebooks with their hopes, dreams, and favorites.  I’m giddy, GIDDY, to introduce you to these kids.

Meet Mirima:

While the team visited last week, Mirima lost her brother.  What should have been a week of fun with weirdo mzungus from America singing, clapping, dancing, and feasting ended in more tragedy for this thirteen-year-old girl.  A brother dead.  Both her parents are alive, and they are both HIV-positive.  Mirima doesn’t know yet if she is or not.

She likes praying, going to church, and singing, and her favorite song translates “If it were not for God, I’d be dead.”  Sigh.  Isn’t that true for us all?  She also enjoys netball, which in my sporty expertise looks kind of like basketball, without the dribbling.

When asked about her favorite story from the Bible, she declared that David and Goliath is her favorite, because David wasn’t afraid, which says a lot about this brave young woman.  She requested prayer for good health, and says that she’s currently healthy.

With the death of her brother so recent, I’m eager and excited to match her with a sponsor who can begin writing and encouraging her immediately.  If it’s you, head on over this-a-way…click click clickety click

As always, I’m happy – no, that’s not strong enough – I’m foaming-at-the-mouth, passionately, ecstatically, enthusiastic to answer any questions about the sponsorship program.  I’m an eyewitness to the integrity of the program and people involved and am watching as the destiny of an entire village is moving from despair to promise.  It’s not us.  It’s God developing a beautiful partnership between two communities.  I’m humbled to stand on the sidelines and watch.

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