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This Summer’s Team to Uganda


For those of you who are interested in our ongoing partnership with Children’s HopeChest and the children at Adacar CarePoint, I invited my friend, Stacey Hensley, who led this summer’s team to Uganda, to summarize the trip for those of us who weren’t able to go.

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him.”  1 Corinthians 2:9

As the leader of this year’s team, I spent a lot of time preparing and planning  for our trip to Adacar.  As we approached the CarePoint, I knew that our plans would change.  I saw green plant life, I saw cows…some healthy ones, I saw goats (thanks to the sponsors) and I saw children!  Happy, singing children with NEW uniforms!  There is a school a few miles from Adacar called Okibui and we got stopped by children there, celebrating our arrival.  We got off the bus and finished our arrival on foot…with the children dancing and singing the entire way!  The CarePoint was clean, the children were respectful and it felt like some “life” was there.  We had plans to play with the children during the week.  We brought some bracelets to make, we planned a race with the children, we brought crayons and coloring pages and we got all of that done.  They taught us songs and we taught them some.  We brought jump ropes and they showed us how to jump!  We got to visit our sponsor children’s homes and meet their families.  We saw poverty and sickness.  We saw church and we also got to experience death.

Yes…one of the sponsor children’s mother died while we were there.  She was the  mother of 4 children…the oldest was a boy, 12, and the youngest was still nursing when her mother died.  We went to her funeral.  We saw the mound of dirt in front of where the children were sleeping.  We saw the family mourning.  We saw a lethargic baby and a little girl…in the program, but waiting on a sponsor.  The little girl, Nora, came to greet us.  As the entire team sat on logs, Nora approached us, got on her knees and bowed and shook our hands.  There are no words to describe how we all felt.  There are not enough pages to tell you the hardships these children will face.  All I know is God loves these children more and He will take care of them.  One of our team members now sponsors Nora.

There was another day that we got word that another sponsor child lost a sibling.  It was too much for all of us.  We approached the CarePoint seeing life, but we were faced with so much death.  It was a slow recovery, but the team kept the bigger picture in mind and pressed on.

Our last day there, the children acted out a play for us and it was so funny.  Even with the language barrier, we were able to understand and laugh and enjoy!  The team also played the children in a friendly game of “football” which we call soccer.  The children cheered for us and laughed at us.  We were tired, but had the time of our lives!  We left the community with a meal and we were off because…a Children’s HopeChest team member was getting married and we were invited!  We got to experience a Ugandan wedding!  The celebration was so much fun and it was amazing to watch hundreds of people gather to celebrate a couple getting married and singing praises to our Lord and Savior!  It was an amazing week!

As a team, we realized that these children are real and they know our names.  Each and every sponsor child knows the name of their sponsor and looks for him/her every time a bus arrives.  They love us!  We love them!  God is working there and you can see His fingerprints everywhere.  Our hearts yearn for a place so far away and we wonder what can we do the next time a team goes.  There is so much improvement.  There is a glimmer of hope in their world now!  Thank you to each and every sponsor…you are changing a child’s life and they are very grateful!

Serving Christ alone,

Stacey Hensley

Team Leader of Adacar 2013

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