Infertility and Intentional Stewardship


Today I’m back at Intentional Stewardship.  After outing myself as a reformed potty mouth last month (MOSTLY – It was touch-and-go today in the car, I’m not gonna lie.), I’m over there today sharing a bit about surviving my battle with infertility.  I share four things that helped me manage my faith and feelings and stay close to God on my trip down Barren Road.

If you or someone you love is struggling with infertility and you want to read my whole, raw story, I did a seven-part series called Infreakinfertility where I opened a vein and cried into my computer keyboard.

Learning to Be a Good Steward Through Infertility

How do I write a post about being a good steward in the midst of infertility?  How did I tend my faith and my life during that difficult battle?

For two years, I struggled to conceive naturally.  I counted days, took vitamins, and even stood on my head after sex.  For two years after that, I became a human lab rat.  Blood tests, injections, procedures.  And prayers, fasting, and reading every scripture about barrenness.  Everyone had such helpful advice as I died a slow death month after month.  ”Just relax,” they said.  ”Just adopt,” they said.  READ MORE

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