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Adacar CarePoint in northern Uganda is my favorite place in all the world.  There are 41 children there who still need sponsors.  My dear friend, Ansley, sat down with each child this summer and filled two notebooks with their hopes, dreams, and favorites.  I’m giddy, GIDDY, to introduce you to these kids.

This is Christine.

Every time I visit Adacar I either wish we had a nurse with us, am thankful that we have a nurse with us, or wish we had more nurses and nurses who could stay.  With 300 kiddos running around, we need a full-time nurse to handle the sheer number of boo-boos going down there.

Christine wants to become a nurse, and she will go to secondary school in Soroti next year.  Secondary school is more costly than primary school, and now more than ever Christine needs a sponsor to help her make the transition.

She lives with her mother right now, but said she doesn’t have a permanent home.  Her father is dead.  The second to youngest child in her family, her chores include planting and harvesting in the garden and cooking.

Her favorite Bible story is David and Goliath, because David believed in the power of God and became a great king because of it.  She asks her sponsor to pray for her to have knowledge, strength, good health, and for her to be calm.

I cannot be calm when I think about Christine realizing her dream of becoming a nurse and what that would do for both Christine and the community of Adacar.  Squeee!  Please join me in praying for Christine as she studies and looks to the future!

If you think you might be Christine’s new sponsor, you can find her here with the number UG2610026.

As always, I’m happy – no, that’s not strong enough – I’m foaming-at-the-mouth, passionately, ecstatically, enthusiastic to answer any questions about the sponsorship program.  I’m an eyewitness to the integrity of the program and people involved and am watching as the destiny of an entire village is moving from despair to promise.  It’s not us.  It’s God developing a beautiful partnership between two communities.  I’m humbled to stand on the sidelines and watch.

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