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Subtracting Sarah from the Unsponsored List


Adacar CarePoint in northern Uganda is my favorite place in all the world.  There are 41 children there who still need sponsors.  My dear friend, Ansley, sat down with each child this summer and filled two notebooks with their hopes, dreams, and favorites.  I’m giddy, GIDDY, to introduce you to these kids.

Do you like math?  Is math your favorite subject in school?  If so, then you have something in common with Sarah, a seven-year-old girl at Adacar CarePoint.  Let’s subtract her from the unsponsored list and add SPONSORED under her name!

Sarah’s father is dead, and she lives with her mother.  She is responsible for weeding her family’s garden, and when she has time outside of school and chores, her favorite game is hide and seek.

She attends discipleship classes at the CarePoint and her favorite story from the Bible is the death of Jesus.

If you’d like to sponsor Sarah, you can find her here by her name and number UG2610383.

As always, I’m happy – no, that’s not strong enough – I’m foaming-at-the-mouth, passionately, ecstatically, enthusiastic to answer any questions about the sponsorship program.  I’m an eyewitness to the integrity of the program and people involved and am watching as the destiny of an entire village is moving from despair to promise.  It’s not us.  It’s God developing a beautiful partnership between two communities.  I’m humbled to stand on the sidelines and watch.

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