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Strappy Sseko Sandals for the Dead of Winter


Sseko Sandals and Bags





Sseko sandals are comfy, and you can buy different, colorful ribbons to switch out of the loops. You can also twist and loop the ribbons in different patterns.  So basically, you invest in a pair of base sandals, and you have an unlimited amount of options with ribbons and patterns.  Many pairs of shoes, taking up very little space in your suitcase or closet!  They offer holiday gift sets, too, so don’t let winter stop you from giving the gift of strappy Sseko sandals.

Why I Like This:

One of the students whom we sponsor in Uganda is sixteen, super smart, a born leader, and I’m praying for God to use Esther to do amazing things in His name.  I love this company, because it partners with young women like my Esther.  Sseko employs young women in Uganda during the nine-month gap between high school and university, helping them earn money for school, which is accrued in a savings account until their tuition is due.  They also have matching gifts that match 100% of the money earned.  They use a sustainable, self-sufficient model of economic development.  Check out more about what they do here:

Slave-Free Christmas Challenge:

This Christmas, I’ve challenged myself to shop my entire Christmas list from organizations that are helping people, not hurting people.  Today, 27 million men, women, and children live as someone else’s property.  Slaves are making the items that I’m buying to celebrate the birth of my Lord and Savior.  Somehow I don’t think He’s blessed by the blood on His birthday presents.  For more information on my Slave-Free Christmas project, click here.

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