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WebCam Wednesday – Meeting Bosco


(This isn’t technically a webcam, but “Video Wednesday” just isn’t as alliterative.)

After the huge thing that happened last month for Adacar CarePoint, I’ve spent time thinking about the last four years and all the incredible moments, from the miraculous to the mundane.  How do a couple of ordinary people end up falling in love with a community halfway around the world?

The very first child we sponsored in Uganda started a domino effect that has impacted thousands of orphans and vulnerable children there and sponsors and donors here.  If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you’ve heard about our friend Bosco.  If not, please let me introduce you to the extraordinary boy whose story jumpstarted this whole unexpected thing.

Bosco is a teen boy living in northern Uganda.  When Children’s HopeChest first started working in Uganda, they visited his village and discovered that his leg had a gangrenous infection and he would need an amputation immediately in order to save his life.  He had no money, and no time, and it would take a miracle.

Through Twitter and prayer, we heard his story, got the word out, and got involved.  In less than twenty-four hours, we raised the money for Bosco’s surgery, and the HopeChest country director took him to the hospital and advocated for them to try everything to save his leg.

We waited on pins and needles for updates from Uganda.  After several surgeries, the doctors saved his leg, treated his baby brother for malaria, and over time, Bosco returned home.  A few months later, we hopped a plane to go meet Bosco and his community.

I can’t get over a God who cares so much about one life, one leg.  He brought us together across the world.  Since meeting Bosco for the first time, we’ve been back several times.  A few months after our trip, we received this photo of our boy back to playing his favorite sport, in the shirt that we gave him.

These days, Bosco is at the top of his class, won a goat for his excellent studies, and continues to play soccer.  If you’ve ever thought about meeting the child you sponsor, talk to me.  My life is changed forever.

If you’ve ever thought about sponsoring a child, we have about forty children left who still need sponsors.  I’d love to talk.

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