Valentine’s Day Free Giveaway


Does anyone else feel a little panicky as your kids start to bring home class lists and you do the math on how many valentines you need to crank out between now and February 14?  Valentines for classmates, teammates, playmates, Awana buddies, and other loosely associated friends.  You never know when someone will give your kid a valentine and you’ll stand there feeling unprepared.  Last year, several kids at swimming lessons gave us valentines and I felt like a water-logged, goggle-toting schmoe.  I had nothing.  I was just thrilled to make it there with everyone in a swimsuit.

This year, I thought I was ready.  I was going to rock this V-Day thing.  I bought a big bag of foam sticker hearts and pulled out all our pink and red construction paper.  During yesterday’s snow day, I started cutting hearts and got the kids to help me.  I should’ve taken a picture and popped it on Facebook to show everyone what an amazing momtastic dynamo of craftiness I was, but I was too busy Edward Scissorhanding the hearts.

A– pumped hers out quickly and efficiently.  She even wrote them in English, signing her name.  They are tagged and bagged, ready for business.  Elliott made one, for A–, because despite all the fighting, he still adores her.  He then got bored, left the crafting arena, and headed out in the snow.  Evie, my rogue un-follower of all things direction-related, cut the hearts into pieces and stuck the stickers on the table.  Flames on the side of my face.  I just cannot handle the drama.  Girl, I gave you one job to do.  Put a sticker on a heart.  This is why Mommy hates crafts.

Um, anyway, if you’re like me and are looking for cute valentine options that don’t involve craftiness, I am excited to share what I am excited to use.  Excitedly.

What’s in the Bible? is offering free Valentine’s Day printables.  They are pretty.  They say nice things.  And all you have to do is click, print, cut, and give.  Click, print, cut, and give.  Thank You, Jesus.

If you grab these cute printables, you’ll also be entered into a Valentine’s Day prize package for mommy.  Valentines for kids, huge prizes for Mommy.  Everyone wins.  They’re giving away a $100 gift card for dinner, a $50 gift card for babysitting, a free What’s in the Bible? DVD to entertain the kids while you’re gone, and a Lisa Leonard necklace to make you feel really, really pretty.

The fact that I’m sharing this with you and not trying to up my chances of winning shows how much I really love you and want you to get a break.  We all need one.

Happy impending Valentine’s Day, sweet mamas.  Click the heart below to download the valentines and enter the contest.

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  • Heather Ellis Shields

    I was JUST sitting (hiding) in the bathroom this morning (where I get most of my thinking for the day done before either Kid 1, Kid 2, and/or Dog 1 or Dog 2 need me) and I realized that we are quickly approaching V-Day and I hadn’t figured out what “we” were going to do. You’re SO on my same wavelength! So, thank you!!!

    • Melanie Dale

      You’re so welcome! I also think/hide in the bathroom. Solidarity.





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