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The Shot Part of Life


Sometimes on Wednesdays I pretend like we’re having a cup of coffee together and just talking.  I call these “WebCam Wednesdays” and they’re a little awkward cuz you don’t talk back.  But I like the idea of making this space on the internet as informal and relational as possible, so it’s just me sharing a few thoughts.  Today, I’m doing something with my daughter after school that I’m dreading, and it’s prompting me to think about other parts of life that we dread and how we get through.

Are you in the shot part of life right now? If so, I’m really praying and rooting for you today.

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  • Nicole

    Yes, I’m literally in the shot part of life right now as I undergo another round of IVF (daily shots in the rear end are awesome). I just hope my milkshake is a sweet baby. :)

    • Melanie Dale

      Girl, I remember those shots so well. I’m having sympathy pains for you right now. Yowza, not fun. Praying for a milkshake baby for you!





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