Big Announcement on Monday


I have a secret, and I’m really terrible at having secrets.  I mean, I’m great at other people’s secrets.  Bare your naked soul to me and I will take it to the grave.  I am safe.  But my own stuff?  Hello, I cannot contain big news very well.  Hoarding Ana’s sweet pictures and name for all those months just about unglued me, and this secret is, well, it’s up there on my Big Secrets of All Time list.

I had a fun little trip this week, kind of kicking off an unexpected adventure, and I’m crazy excited to tell you guys about it.  On Monday.  Because I need the weekend to work on a blog post worthy of an announcement of this caliber.  Last week I promised some of you a video of me doing The Running Man, so clearly that will have to happen.

A few things to know about Monday’s announcement:

1. I am not pregnant.  There will be no photos of baby bumps or ultrasounds of black and white amorphous aliens in utero.  Still infertile, y’all, and while God has a great sense of humor, He is not currently knock-knock knocking me up.

2. There will be video footage of my happy dance.  It’s not pretty.  Prepare yourselves mentally.

3. If you don’t already subscribe to the blog and want a chance to win a little something from me, sign up this weekend.  I’m celebrating my big announcement by randomly choosing one of my fabulous subscribers to win a box o’ love, as a thank you for being awesome.

Okay, so, have a lovely weekend, and I’ll see you back here on Monday.  Please join me in preparing your jazz hands.  It’s gonna be LEGEN–

–wait for it–


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  • Heather Ellis Shields

    Eeeee!!! Can’t wait! :) :)





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