Help Us Choose a Cover for the Book!


I need your help!  We have three fun cover design ideas.  Help us choose!

Okay, picture yourself in a bookstore or scrolling online.  Which of the covers below pops out at you and makes you want to pick up the book?  Which one makes you go in for a closer look?  Which one makes you do a double take and grab it off the shelf?

Please use the comments section below to tell me your thoughts on the cover concepts and which one is your favorite and why.

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  • Katie

    Definitely the first one!

  • Molly Freilich

    Love the cake pops!!

  • Alex

    Cake pops!!

  • Darby

    Definitely #1, the Cake Pop Moms! It best illustrates the point of the book and its fun nature, and is more current to today’s young mom readers. The other two depict retro moms which seem to represent moms from a long-ago era.

  • Melissa J Kite

    I like the 2nd one most. I like the idea of the cake pop one, but something about it my eyes have issues with. Might just be the color of the font or something. But all are still awesome!

  • Donna

    Number 1! No question!!!

  • Melanie W

    Consensus in my office is Cake pops…#2 is cute but it looks a little like alien eyes!

  • Sarah D. Gorrell

    Oooh, the cake pops cover is my #1. It illustrates the title so well! Plus, it would get my attention on a shelf. I like the salon chairs cover second best, although I feel like I’ve seen book covers like that before, so it probably would not catch my eye as much. The third cover is one I would very likely walk right past.

  • Janna Haynes

    Cake pops. Hands down.

  • Ra

    I vote for Cake Pop. Don’t like the hair dryer one @ all. Not an image of motherhood I relate to. The cake pop one took me aback @ first ( violence of the image) but I think it is right on target / topic and has the appropriate wacky humor vibe that I associate with your posts. Visually I like the comic book one the best, but the image doesn’t really jive with the topic for me & it is so graphic / dominant that I think the crucial ” the totally awkward adventure of finding mom friends” gets lost.

  • Patio

    Love number 1, by far the best!!!

  • Cassie Rios

    #3 pop art
    really don’t like the hairdryers

  • Brianna

    Like #2 but #1 is a close second.

  • Jen

    #1 is my favorite!

  • Darren Starr

    Gotta go with #1. Not even close in my opinion! Awesome, I’m so happy for you.

  • Sunshine Campbell Schuppel

    Cake pops version, definitely!!

  • Jen Lewis

    Gotta agree with the masses – the first one is ADORABLE! Also, I really like the use of white space : )

  • april


  • Jocelyn

    I love the cake pops!! #1 gets my vote!

  • Katherine

    Cake Pops!!! Fun idea! Creative, playful, clearly expresses the message of your book, grabs your attention and who doesn’t love a cake pop?!? It’s perfect.

  • Amanda K

    #1!! so cute!

  • Amanda

    Cake pops allll the way!

  • Sabrina

    Definitely cake pops, I would do a double take and pick it up off the shelf!

  • SDP

    Cake Pop is my vote. I laughed out loud at first glance. Hair dryers’ one looks slightly too sexual to me… sorry, maybe it’s just the newlywed in me. :) I also really like the font on both your name and title in the first one- aka, “cake pop.”

  • Jamie B

    First or second is my gut instinct… the second is my favorite because I think, in part, because I’m a hairstylist. ;-) I instantly understand the situation and feeling of trying to fit in and make small talk with that image. Honestly, it took a couple glances at the cake pops pic to realize she had bit her head off! Creative idea on that one, very clever. :) I’m so excited for you!

    • Jamie B

      Oh ha ha sorry for the excessive use of “because”! ;-) Should have had my editor proof this before posting.

  • Tracy

    Cake pops!!!! So great!!

  • Megan Pilla Clarke

    Cake Pops!! xxoo

  • Tammy Perlmutter

    I like the cake pop one best, then the Roy Lichtenstein- looking one.

  • Jessica Cobb

    Cake Pops, hands down.

  • Tammy Norman

    Love the cake pops! I love the book title, captivating! Definitely grabs my attention and hits on a felt need. Then I see the cake pops with their intriguing expressions and skillful, clean white space and I’m in! Hairdryers: I think you can feel the potential awkwardness… but doesn’t feel current. Don’t really connect with the comic art. :) OVER THE MOON proud of you and excited for you. Of course you wrote a book. You’re simply amazing!!!!! Love you, girl.

  • Malorie

    Yes, yes, cake pops! They remind me of some Pinterest project. Which scares me. And women on Pinterest are the scariest of all.

  • Annie DeRose Broeckert

    Cake pops. The second one is kinda creepy with the eyes in the hair dryers and the third one doesn’t say “Melanie”. What about something along the baseball theme of mom dating?

  • Katrina Brooks

    cake pops!!!! So fun!

  • Chantel Adams

    Cake pops, please.

  • Julie Smith

    Cake Pops!!!

  • Buddy N

    #1 Cake Pops but if #3 had a second woman in it. And there was like some biff, pows on it. Thatd be my first choice

  • Layla

    Yup, the cake pop photo is definitely this generation. All three are fun though!

  • gatornic

    Cake pop. So cute and fun and not scary. The hair salon makes me think of old women and gossip. Not sure why. :)

  • Dawn S.

    I love #2 because it’s an awkward situation that moms might find themselves in, trying to make a new friend because you notice a diaper bag next to the woman in the chair by you at the hairdresser. And even though there’s the dull roar of the ancient drying machine, you’ll smile and try to chat because it might just be your only adult conversation that day, even if it IS about kids… Everyone else seems to love the cake pops, but I just think it looks too mean, like if you try at all, you’ll be eaten alive. Women are scary, but we still try in those awkward moments, right ladies? That’s just my opinion though.

  • Bekah

    cake pops, baby.

  • Bekah

    cake pops, baby.

  • Rachel Foss

    cake pops.

  • Hilary

    I love the cake pops!

  • Michelle D.


  • Sarah

    The Cake Pops cover makes me laugh but the Pop Art cover would get me to pick up the book, read the back, and start flipping through the inside :-)

  • Teri McGraw

    I like the salon one. It is nostalgic, but contemporary with the bags. The design is very appealing. The graphic novel one may not match the tone of your book. The cake pop one is funny, but it kind of seems like the one mom ate the other mom!

  • lstompor

    Um, I don’t like any of the covers! One cake pop is being eaten by the other!! No one I know uses those salon dryers any more. And I don’t think the comic book cover relates to the material.
    That said, I don’t like the title, either! Is the book about finding and making mom friends? Then why is the title about WOMEN in general? How about making the title “The Totally Awkward Adventure of Finding Mom Friends”?

  • Holly

    I love you and your blog, but….I am not a fan of the title. The cake pops make women/moms look mean. I, too, find it difficult to make real friends as a mom. Perhaps, we aren’t scared of each other, but rather intimidated?? The evil looking cake pop mom biting the head off the other mom, plus the word “scary” might put people off. I don’t think it conveys the humor and vulnerability with which you write.

  • Lauren Morris

    Initially, I was drawn to the cake pop cover, but ultimately it seems to steer away from the message of finding friends…confirming that other women/moms really are scary enough to take a bite out of you! If I saw the three on the shelf, I’d honestly buy the middle one. It gives me a throw-back feeling to a space where women might have once gathered to meet, share, and actually make the friendships you are writing about. It definitely gives me alot more of the warm and fuzzies. I’m not a fan of pop art, so the third one would not even be on my radar.

  • Melanie Dale

    You guys are the best. Thanks so much for all the comments! Really, really helpful!!!

  • Kelly

    I think the first two are very cute… The first one being the most eye catching and original. The third made me go “elch” in my head immediately. Can’t wait to read it whatever the cover though!

  • Stefanii Ferenczi

    #2 is definitely my fave. I like #1, but I would write off #3 immediately (maybe because my kids keep bringing home dumb comic-type books from the library that are impossible to read out loud?).

  • Kattrina

    I like the 2nd one :)

  • Shannon

    Love the cake pops but wish they weren’t eating each other….

  • Juli

    #1 – involves food. ALWAYS a good choice.

  • Jessica Rene Toth

    Cake pops! Love it.

  • Amanda Lee

    LOVE No. 2. No 1 is way too aggressive – especially when you combine it with the title of the book. Think No 3 too hipster and not the demographic you are going for. Just my 2 cents worth! Will it be released in Canada?





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