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Stripping, Orphan Care, Adoption, Motherhood, and Poo


At our Cupcake Kids cupcake and garage sale last weekend, I found this in a big box of old records and had to snap a photo.  I flipped through the enclosed instruction manuel on how to effectively use the stripper music and my brain exploded.  I can’t decide if this is hilarious or horrifying.  And look!  It’s orchestra music!

Besides stripping for married people, I have a few things to share, and they pretty much run the gamut of stuff I blog about.

Orphan Care

I really want to do a vision trip with Children’s HopeChest at the end of August, so if you’re interested in partnering with a village to get kids in a life-changing, community-changing sponsorship program AND want to go to Uganda with me, contact me.  I want to talk with you!  melanie (at) unexpected (dot) org.


We received our U.S. embassy appointment, and the hubs and Ana are preparing to head back to Latvia for the final trip.  When Ana returns, she’ll be a U.S. citizen.  We’re grateful to both the U.S. and Latvia for  seeing beyond borders and allowing us to be a family.


My kids loveth the video games.  During the school year, I allow video games on the weekends, but limit screen time during the week.  Last summer got a wee bit out of hand with me kinda giving up and just whatevering into August.  This year, in order to keep their lil’ brains from getting squishy and, let’s be honest, to relieve my guilt, I’m making them read and do book reports in order to earn game time.  They’ll present the reports to me like cash, and the more books they read, the more game time they get.  Longer books get more time.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  This is my fancy schmansy report.  This is all kinds of pinnable, y’all.  Fer reals.  I pulled out the creative big guns for this one, as you can see.


Two of our three kids are already done with school for the year.  I’m either happy to be finishing up the crazy schedules or panicked trying to figure out how to work with my kids home all day.  On the first day of summer break, hopefully not as a statement for how the summer is going to go, our Yorkie, Spike, pooped all over the basement.  My son discovered this and helped by pointing out all the spots as I crawled around on my hands and knees.  “See, Mommy?  Here.  And here.  And here, Mommy.  And here.  And over here.”  Yay for the kids being home.

So there you have it.  Stripping, orphan care, adoption, motherhood, and poo in one blog post.  It’s me in a nutshell…well, except for that first part.  Back to the album at the top, what do you think – hilarious or horrifying?

Also, check out my interview with, where I talk about Children’s HopeChest, how I started blogging, my book, and of course, kung fu.  Alllll the important stuff.

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  • Lauren Morris

    I vote for hilarious, though I’d really need to take a gander at the enclosed booklet to be certain. Although, that might be where the horrifying part kicks in, so let’s not and say we did. M’kay? :-)

    • Melanie Dale


  • Awesomemom

    Hilarious. I would even try it on my husband for the laughs. If you run out of books I also suggest trading chores for game time. The kids had Friday off school and by the end my house was sparkling clean thanks to them doing chores. I am mean and only give 15 min per chore.

    • Melanie Dale

      Ooh, chores. Great idea. Thanks!

  • Off The Cuff Cooking

    I’d most definitely and totally play that record… (we own a turntable, because we collect vinyl because we’re hipsters) … while cooking dinner in my lingerie and see what happened after that! Va-va-va-voom! :)

    • Melanie Dale

      Ha. NEVER tell me about it. :)

      • Off The Cuff Cooking

        I won’t! :)

  • Cindy Foles Bradley

    Both hilarious AND horrifying. I am of the generation that was pointed toward books like: “Fascinating Womanhood” which told us not to hang pictures ourselves because that would make our husbands feel less manly. “Total Woman” which recommended that we greet our husbands at the door wrapped in nothing but cellophane. Bunch of crap.





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