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From Battle Ground to Playground


Have you ever been in a battle?  Maybe you’ve actually fought in a battle or you’ve battled with cancer or infertility or a difficult relationship or something in your career.  Battles leave scars.

At church this week we sang that Matt Redman song, “Never Once.”  The lyrics have stirred around in my heart this week as I think about kneeling to pray on an actual battle ground in Uganda and my own “battle ground” of infertility.  This week, with our latest adoption finalized and my three kids running around the house, I’m thinking back through the last twelve years of scars, of struggles, and I’m seeing God’s faithfulness along the way.

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  • Amy Tilson

    Love this!! I fought on that infertility battlefield for 13 years – talk about trenches and scars! But, in the end, through adoption, I have a crazy amazing little boy running around who starts kindergarten this fall. There are others, too, and never once was I alone through any of the battles. :)

    • Melanie Dale

      I am now fantasizing about a playdate where our kids are running around together and you and I are swapping stories! Kindergarten boys are the best. Just the absolute best.

      • Amy Tilson

        That would be awesome! I have 2 neighbors with houses for sale in the mountains of SW Virginia. Wanna move? ;)

        • Melanie Dale

          I moved to Georgia FROM Virginia!

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