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Unexpected Welcome Home


My church is big, so we really encourage everybody to get in smaller groups that meet in homes.  In order to show people how these small groups are a great way for people to take care of each other, our pastor filmed Alex and me talking about coming home with Ana and the unexpected welcome home we received.

When the video director was at our house filming, I felt completely awkward, like my brain wasn’t connected to my mouth and Alex and I were definitely the lamest couple ever.  We just kept talking and talking…and talking.  But somehow the video genius edited out all the boring stuff and gave us several awesome moments, like our kids playing in the yard with Spike just a few days before he died, and me trying to lick Alex’s face, and our awkward pound-it moment.  If this doesn’t make you want to join our small group, I really don’t know what will. ;)

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  • Julie Smith

    This made me cry! Love you guys!

    • Melanie Dale

      It was the face-licking moment, wasn’t it? Gets me every time. ;)

  • Bootsie

    So great you guys. Melanie you are a natural speaker. Promoting your book will come easier than you think.

    • Melanie Dale

      Aww, you’re sweet. I was thinking I’d just start writing my blog address on the walls in public bathrooms. Effective?

  • Laura M

    I loved this. And yes, THIS is what small group is all about. So thrilled that you have this!





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