Dear Coffee


Dear Coffee,

Today is your day, National Coffee Day, and in honor of your years of service and friendship, I want to write you a thank you note.  But how do I say thank you for the strength that you’ve given me?  You’ve been a constant companion over the last several decades, and I love you.  I love you so much.  Seriously, there are tears.

Remember when I discovered your Turkish version?  I drank five cups a day and carried this little beauty in a Range Rover, bus, trolley, plane, and car just to experience your Balkan goodness right here at home.  The hardest part is letting the grounds settle to the bottom of the cup, but you are worth the wait, my dearest.

And our time together in Ethiopia, your birthplace.  Oh darling.  I didn’t know you could be this awesome.  When they roasted you and wafted your aroma right into my face, I breathed you in, and you smelled so good, Coffee.  So, so good.

I drink you black, sweet friend, because you’re perfect just the way you are.  I adore you.

Occasionally we do like to mix it up, right friend?  Remember when I made you into a mocha and we took this selfie?

We’ve had some good times.

Thanks for helping me get my kids ready for school in the morning, for keeping me going when they come home, and for our sweet times on the porch together.  Thanks for holding my hand with your mug handle and never letting go.

You’ve never let me down.  Thanks for letting me sniff you without it being awkward, for spilling all over my van, and for the unexpected way you sprinkle my shoes when I carry you with me.

BFF, Coffee.  Forever.



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  • naomir5034

    I. LOVE. This.
    Only I think I might be in love with coffee just a *little* more than you. I hope no one ever asks me whether I love my husband or my coffee more.
    And I am so glad to hear that other shoes get sprinkled and other vehicles get spattered. Like the day I was given an extra-large version instead of a large version at a local Canadian franchise and it knocked into the top of door as I got in and splattered over everything. Ev-ry-thing.

    • Melanie Dale

      That’s why I like wearing brown and beige. Very coffee-friendly!

  • Candice L.

    Mmmmm Turkish coffee! Curious where in the Balkans you experienced this? Balkans = my heart! My Turkish coffee set sits on my dresser as a daily reminder of my love for both coffee and Bosnia :)





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