Five Minute Friday – Whisper


We are a bunch of yelling, slamming, stomping loudypants people over at my house.  We work things out at full throttle.  We laugh, cry, and do homework on high volume.

Getting my crew down to bed is playing life-sized whack-a-mole, with one of them popping up to issue a new request every thirty seconds.  Tonight, my husband and I finally bellowed in unison, “Get in bed and go to sleep!”

The t-rexes and pterodactyls stomped and squawked into their rooms.

And then it was quiet.

A hush fell over the house and I cracked open the fresh, uncharted waters of a new book.  For the first time all day, I heard my thoughts flutter around my head.  They whisper in my brain.

Night time is the realm of the creative, when the space around me finally widens enough to let in the voices in my head, those sometimes nutty friends who whisper in and out my ears and speak to me, “Dream.”

No one competing for my thoughts.  This space is mine.  All is quiet, and I listen deep.


This post is part of the Five Minute Friday community of bloggers who write for five minutes on a topic each week.  It battles my perfectionism and has led me to discover many fantastic new friends.  Go check ’em out over at Five Minute Friday.

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  • Jen Daugherty

    Yes, isn’t it amazing when our head space can be quiet, listening for the whispers? So glad you’re here tonight!

    • Melanie Dale

      Aw, hi, Jen! It’s been so fun seeing your name on Twitter since we “met” last time I participated! I love being up at night in the quiet with all these new friends. :)

  • Holly Solomon Barrett

    This is the exact description of my house when my kids were little…”loudypants”. Love it!!! Great to see you at #fmfparty tonight!

    • Melanie Dale

      Thanks, Holly! Good to see you, too! Ha, yeah, glad I’m not alone in the loud house-having. We don’t know how to be quiet!

  • Karen Deschenes Courcy

    LOVE THIS … visiting over from FMF :)

    • Melanie Dale

      Thanks, Karen!

  • Barbie

    Mine are teens and tweens and I not only fight with loud voices, but loud TV, gaming, etc. I am thankful for the quiet whispers. Visiting from the Five Minute Friday.

  • Ashley Wells

    Oh how I crave the quiet after long days!!! Such a beautiful and welcomed change at the end of a busy and chaotic day with kids.

  • Jennifer Wilcox Knott

    I totally relate to this! As tired as I am after our last kid is in bed with the lights out, I try to stay up for another couple of hours. It’s nice to sit down in my own house, and I need that quiet time while I’m still conscious! So I force myself to stay up and try to get some reading done during that quiet time. It’s such a treasure, and I hear God’s voice often during those times.





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