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Today I’m so excited to introduce you to Sak Saum!  I’ve enjoyed Sak Saum products for several years now, and I’ve asked them to tell you guys a little bit about their awesome company:

Located in Phnom Penh and the Saang district of Cambodia, Sak Saum is a ministry dedicated to the rescue, restoration, transformation and rehabilitation of vulnerable and exploited women and men.

Sak Saum is pioneering a model of self-sustaining ministry. From the beginning, our goal has been to create a nurturing, empowering, restorative program which facilitates vocational training in sewing, excellent products, and community development. We believe in the union of powerful, life-changing outreach with effective, excellent business.

Our work is supported through the sale of our products around the world. Sak Saum’s business reaches over 30 states in America as well as Australia, Japan, Germany, England and more. Our desire is to double the number of people we employ as well as expand into new businesses in 2015 so every purchase really makes a difference this Christmas season!

We facilitate 12 girls in a full-time program each year. Many of them are single mothers and their children are a part of our program as well. With love, we seek to restore the whole person — mind, body, soul, emotions, intellect, and relationships. We believe that true, lasting hope and change comes through the empowerment of individuals and families.

We also employ 50+ men and women through our Vocational Training Center (VTC). The VTC creates economic development, skill development, educational development and other opportunities to families in the Saang district.

And our newest outreach is called Brother’s House. It is a home for young men who are walking out of drug and alcohol addiction, gang involvement and imprisonment. They receive discipleship, training, counseling and lots of love like our program for young women. Their vocational training focuses on metal and wood-working, as well as coconut carving.

Sak Saum believes that this is how the battle against human trafficking will be won – one person, one family, one community at a time.

Check out their beautiful merchandise here, and enjoy this coupon code, SLAVEFREE15, for 15% off!


Slave-Free Christmas Challenge:

This Christmas, I’ve challenged myself to shop my entire Christmas list from organizations that are helping people, not hurting people.  Today, 27 million men, women, and children live as someone else’s property.  Slaves are making the items that I’m buying to celebrate the birth of my Lord and Savior.  Somehow I don’t think He’s blessed by the blood on His birthday presents.  For more information on my Slave-Free Christmas project, click here.  For featured companies from the last two years, click here.

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  • Amy Tilson

    Got the cutest coin purse from them in a gift bag – all tulle and pink and flowery. I have to keep it hidden or one of my nieces will surely swipe it!!

    • Melanie Dale

      I bought my daughter a Sak Saum scarf last year and she wears it constantly…but it still doesn’t keep her from eyeballing my stuff, too!

  • AiMa Burk

    i wish my Christmas budget was bigger!!! these items are breathtakingly gorgeous! thanks so much for sharing these amazing, worthwhile companies. i look forward to your slave free series every year!!





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