Coffee+Crumbs: If Any of You Mention Oils, I Will Punch You in the Face

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I’m over at Coffee+Crumbs today talking about what could be considered the prequel to last week’s Oils Can Save Us from the Zombie Apocalypse.

Taking your child to the pediatrician’s office is the worst. When you walk through the door and turn toward the Sick Side of the waiting room you can almost feel the germs descend onto your scalp and lay eggs in your eyebrows. Your child is of course oblivious to this. She wriggles away from your iron death grip and traipses across the lobby, stopping to lick the handles of the chairs and laying down and humping the industrial carpet with her little diapered bum. Read more…

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  • Ashley

    There are also Green by It Works that help boost the immune system!

  • Jocelyn Lorraine

    This describes my visit to the pediatrician yesterday only we were on the “well” side, or as I like to call it “not yet infected side”. I am a crazy oiler, lol, which is what drew me to your webpage. What kept me is your amazing attitude. I just sat here and read all the infreakinfertility posts and sobbed along with you. I worked as a RN in a high risk labor and delivery unit for years and took care of patients like you all the time. I also worked with infertility patients, was an infertility patient and my husband is an REI. I could feel myself hugging, comforting and reassuring my patients, crying over my miscarriages and experiencing the joy of every moment of my daughter. You have a gift, many gifts, and I am glad you share your gift of empathy and love through your writing. Thank you for putting it all out there, we all need to hear it. We are also thinking about adopting and I am sure I will be coming back here for comfort and encouragement many times.

    • Melanie Dale

      Oh, Jocelyn, thank you! Thanks for your encouraging words and for your empathy and comfort for your patients. I remember being so very thankful for nurses like you. People like you are like angels in scrubs. :)





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