Fun Interview about Women Are Scary with Courtney DeFeo


This is where I am with my brain.  “Fun Interview” is all I could come up with for titles this morning.

But seriously, I had so much fun doing this interview with Courtney, who is my new fourth-base friend who I’ve never met.  In the book I mention base-jumping when you meet someone you just click with and Court is one such person.  We text back and forth like we’ve known each other for years and my face cracks into a huge grin when I see her name. *cue music*

Okay, so in this interview (which is of the written variety, not the podcasty variety), we talk about the book, I use the term “heckballs” rather effectively, and I explain my “Dear Jesus Voice.”  Also, action shot of me in a hairnet.

Click here to go visit my new BFF Courtney

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  • Sarah D. Gorrell

    Melanie, I too am currently reading Mindy Kaling’s book and loving it. Yours is next in line!

    • Melanie Dale

      Oh wow, friend, that is a tough act to follow. Maybe you should squeeze in a nice Civil War biography in between…;) Haha, THANK YOU!!!

  • Rachel

    I found this blog about a month ago and have spent hours reading it. I’ve shared it with all my mom friends, and told them that you’re awesome and hilarious and real and so, so relatable. I got an email today that my pre-ordered copy of Women Are Scary has shipped from Amazon, and I can’t wait to get it. I just read your interview on your friend Courtney’s blog. It made me even more excited to read the book right up until I got to the promo video at the end. I pressed play thinking, “yay! I’m finally going to get to hear her voice and watch her talk.” (Is that creepy? sorry. But, after reading so many blog posts, I was excited.) Anyway, I just have to say that your blog is awesome, the book sounds awesome, but that video… well, it felt totally fake. I’m still a fan, but I wish the real, relatable Melanie had come across in the video like it does in the blog.





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