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Coffee+Crumbs: I Needed Her to Tell Me That


“Our house is filled with hate,” I choked out in sobbing gasps sitting on a dock with new friends. We were sharing stories at a writers’ retreat last weekend, and I meant to start with where I went to college and how I was a theatre major and when I met the love of my life in a coffee shop playing the guitar with his hat pulled low.

“Our house is filled with hate,” I said. There’s too much trauma. We are not okay. I laugh-cried about the challenges of creating family out of brokenness and how I’m tiny shattered pieces and failing everyday. Teaching three kids from three different continents to be siblings feels beautiful one minute and freaking impossible the next.  READ MORE


image from Ashlee Gadd, Coffee+Crumbs

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  • Jill B.

    I love your transparency, Melanie. Never stop being real and letting others know your struggles. Because we are ALL fighting battles and this mom-thing is freakin’ hard. There are days that I can’t even believe that God has called me to do this because I feel so inadequate, discouraged, and completely ready to fly far, far away with a bag of powdered donuts where no one lives with my last name. We’re all in this together.

  • Tammy Perlmutter

    I just straight up love you with all my heart and kidneys.





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