Lighten Up #23: Anna LeBaron


Today on Lighten Up, I talk with Anna LeBaron, author of The Polygamist’s Daughter, about her life as the daughter of a polygamist cult leader wanted by the FBI and how she escaped. We also discuss The Tim Hawkins Handbook to Alternative Cuss Words, because when I find creative new swears like “fartknocker” and “mother francis,” I have to process this on here with you guys. It’s the perfect balance of heavy and light things, just the way I like it, so listen in and lighten up!

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Check out Anna’s book, The Polygamist’s Daughter!


Anna mentions “the 4500” several times. Here’s what that is. (I’m also a member.;)

Somebody posted this on Facebook:


Cuss Words

Chick-fil-A song

Hand-Raising in Church



As always, if I post an Amazon link and you click and buy something, I make several whole cents. Keeps the lights on around here. Well, keeps about one-quarter of one pixel on. Thanks in advance.

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