Lighten Up #25: Ashlee Gadd


Ahhhh, I’m so excited about today! I talk with Ashlee Gadd, founder of Coffee+Crumbs, about her new book, The Magic of Motherhood, and the epic launch party she planned where all the Coffee+Crumbs writers came together for the first time ever. We also talk about running Coffee+Crumbs, writing and storytelling, and of course, motherhood. Listen in…and lighten up!

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Check out The Magic of Motherhood

Video of us being crazy in Target the night after the launch party, right before we headed to In and Out for burgers and fries

Ashlee on Instagram

Ashlee’s personal blog

Class Pass

My Kids Talk Back to Me

Mother-to-Mother, how Ashlee and I met in Guatemala

The awesome Coffee+Crumbs podcast!

Photos from the launch party this past weekend:

Look how unbelievably coordinated we all are. We are either authors or bridesmaids.


Photo booth fun:


And here I am doing Elvis lip with crazy eyes while everyone else is smiling and looking cute. This is why I have trust issues with “we’re just going to take a silly picture.” Sure.



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  • Rebecca Ruybalid Stone

    Really loved this podcast. Melanie – I’m glad you mentioned Just Friends with Ryan Reynolds. We LOVE that movie. Quote from it all. the. time. Speaking of Ryan Reynolds…I like quirky, indie movies about relationships too, and one of my favorite ones is called Chaos Theory where Ryan Reynolds plays a dad. Other favorite indie films: Lars and the Real Girl, Friends with Money, Bigger Than the Sky, and Smart People.





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