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Lighten Up #59: Friendship Crossover with Sarah Bragg


What is the most exciting thing about your favorite TV show? It’s when they do a crossover episode with your other favorite TV show, right? When Flash has a crossover with Supergirl, when The Walking Dead has a crossover with Fear the Walking Dead…it’s very exciting. Well, I am a fan of Surviving Sarah Podcast, and the host Sarah Bragg is one of my favorite people. We have cooked up monthly crossover episodes for you guys where we take a topic and talk about how to lighten up about it on my show and how to survive it on her show. And today is the first one! We’re talking about how we can lighten up about friendships, the challenges of maintaining friendships as we move into new life stages or locations, believing the best in each other, setting expectations for our friendships, and how developing friendships is an important part of self care. We’re going to flip the script and ask, “How can I be a good friend?” rather than “How can I get a good friend?” If you have a friend, want a friend, or are a friend, there’s something here for everyone, so listen in, and lighten up!

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