Lighten Up #99: Alia Joy


Today I’m talking with Alia Joy, author of Glorious Weakness: Discovering God in All We LackWe start out trading colonoscopy stories. Anytime I can exchange poop stories with someone I’m pretty much in heaven. You know. After that, we chat about how we need to lighten up about grammar, then Alia shares about living with bipolar disorder, how she was diagnosed, and the stigma of mental illness. I know I’m not supposed to have favorite episodes but this one is so good. It’s my favorite balance of fun and serious. Mental illness can feel so isolating, and Alia’s openness with hers sheds light and helps us understand, empathize, and feel less alone. Whether you’ve had a colonoscopy, struggle with mental illness, or love someone who does, listen in and lighten up.

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