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  • Sabrina

    I just got your book yesterday and LOVE IT!!! I am a mom of 4 and have lived in 3 different towns in 4 years. It is so hard to find mom friends!! I put on a good face, get out there in the world, smile, laugh, try to find somethings in common, offer to help out…..but wow it is hard to break into a new area. I get it, being a mom is hard, tiring, not much time for other things but like you put it “we are better together”. I wish there was someone like you up here, we may or may not have been friends but at least you recognize the social needs of new people. I love reading about your experiences, it makes me feel like I am at least not alone and you survived and thrived so there is hope for me. Thanks for writing what you did. I am only at chapter 7 but I can’t put it down.

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